Tasks - Box Engine

Developing the map engine

  1. complete implementation of the map ( map serialization, all types of voxels )
  2. testing the engine ( generate fractal maps, map editor ) during this step we will find the limitation of the engine and how to overpass them; decide if we continue with this engine or we will think to another one After step 2 is finished a part of the team will start working on pathfinding the other will continue with
  3. optimization
How do you find this atacking plan? Any questions, comments, other ideas?

Here are more information about step 1.

I'm thinking that you should have an abstract class Voxel, and derive the 4 kinds of boxes ( 1 complete box + 3 cutted boxes )

The cutted boxes are ( see picture )

  1. a box with a corner cutted
  2. the corner cutted from a box
  3. a box cutted in half by diagonally

The Voxel class should contain serialization methods, position and size of the voxel and for cutted boxes info about the cut

So serialization should be done like this

  1. complete box
    x y z lenght width height
  2. box without a corner
    x y z lenght width height cutted_corner_number
  3. corner
    x y z lenght width height corner_number
  4. half box
    x y z lenght width height cutted_edge

Map contains a list of voxels. Serialization will read/write on the first line the number of voxels and on each line a number which specify the kind of voxel and then serialized voxel.

What do you think about this design? Good, bad? Improvments?

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